One of the most intriguing and frequently asked questions about wedding ceremonies in South Florida is, “How long is it going to take?”.

Brides want to know because they don’t want their guests to be bored or uncomfortable sitting for a long period of time. Most grooms simply want it over quickly and wedding planners, caterers, venue and event managers want to know when to serve drinks and hors d’oeuvres. Of course, south Florida wedding ceremonies vary,  but here’s a rule of thumb for length of time: *(see note)

10-15 minutes – a beach wedding ceremony with just the bride, groom and a few guests is usually simple with a brief opening and an exchange of vows and rings.

15-20 minutes – a garden or home wedding ceremony with an exchange of civil or religious vows whereinthe best clergy wedding officiants will celebrate with an opening, advice, a welcoming, an exchange of vows and rings tailoring a personal wedding ceremony.

20-25 minutes – a civil ceremony celebrated by a South Florida wedding officiant that offers a simple opening, poetry, readings, and a recitation of vows and exchange of rings.

25-30 minutes – a non-denominational wedding ceremony with an opening, advice, possible scripture and prayers, exchange of vows, rings and sermon, and blessings*

25-35 minutes – a interfaith wedding ceremony with an opening, welcoming, recitation of scripture, vows and prayers sensitive to all religions, exchange of rings, possible sermon, blessings, a unity candle, sand ceremony and other religious ceremony traditions.

30-40 minutes – a Christian religious wedding ceremony with an opening prayer, welcoming, recitations of scripture, vows and Christian prayers blessing of rings, exchange of rings, a bible sermon, Christian blessings, a unity candle, a sand ceremony other or other ceremony and benediction.

35-40 minutesa Jewish wedding ceremony with a Rabbi, possibly a Cantor, seven blessings, wine, traditional scripture and exchange of rings and vows, sermon and blessings with breaking of a glass under the Chuppahwith a hearty Mazel Tov. The wedding ceremony will vary somewhat in length whether it is Orthodox, Conservative or Reformed.

*NOTE:  add a few minutes for bilingual weddings or when the bride and groom recite their own personal vows.