South Florida Wedding Ceremonies

South Florida Wedding Officiants

We often ask coupleswhat kind of a ceremony they would like, civil, religious or spiritual. Many couples know exactly what they want; others don’t have any idea and some even accept a mother’s insistence to have the wedding to be done “her” way.

Do you want to include prayers and God in your ceremony? Is it an interfaith ceremony? Interdenominational? Non-denominational? Is it a Jewish wedding with seven blessing, with wine? Breaking of the glass? A hearty mazeltov?  Or a Christian wedding ceremony with Christian scripture and prayers? Do you want to bring Jesus Christ into your wedding ceremony? Of if it is an interfaith wedding, would your simply prefer God only? Or would you prefer a civil wedding ceremony?

In a civil ceremony, you are married under the law of man. A civil ceremony is a non-religious wedding service, one that has no religious references, no prayers and no mention of God in the wedding vows, or religious scripture or religious blessings.

Many times we are asked to perform civil unions for couples who are planning to have a religious ceremony at a later time in front of family in a religious ceremony but need the formality and legality of a civil wedding for a variety of reasons. Civil weddings are generally small andinformal. These ceremonies are simple and focus on love and commitment.

In a religious ceremony you are married under the laws of God. Ceremonies can be extremely religious following a particular dogma or simply spiritual leaning more to love and commitment.Many couples prefer non-denominational weddings which are not affiliated with any particular religion. Still, non-denominational ceremonies usually include scripture, prayer, and blessings.

Religious and spiritual ceremonies both incorporate the existence a Divinity but religious ceremonies to a greater extent. Of course religious and spiritual ceremonies include the same ingredients of love and commitment.Depending on the religion, a religious ceremony can include scripture/ blessings / prayers / rites you choose. Blessing over the rings, holy water, hymns, communion, benedictions, sermons, wine and other traditions can be embraced. Jumping the broom, Irish Hand Fastening Ceremonies, Knot Ceremonies, Unity Candle Ceremonies, Sand Ceremonies, Rose Ceremonies for the couple or their mothers, Breaking a Glass and Mazel Tov, Wine Box Ceremonies, Arenas Coins, Mantilla Ceremonies are a few ceremonies for specific religious groups.